industrial power toolContractors, builders, construction specialists, mechanics, and even the DIY homeowner or hobbyist can vouch for the frustration they have experienced when using run of the mill tools. For any sizeable project, it makes no sense, they will tell you, to fiddle around with non industrial power tools. Using anything less than power tools that fall into the industrial category, is a recipe for turning simple projects into real time eaters.

Select Your Power Tools Wisely

So regardless of the kind of work that you do, whenever it appears to be a medium to large scale endeavor, a careful selection of power tools will insure that you get it done correctly and in a timely fashion.
Across the board, independent of the contractor category into which you fall, industrial power tools are the only way to go. Consider some of the many project area possibilities and the corresponding tools to get an idea as to the overall importance of this class of tools.

For any kind of high intensity concrete cutting, drilling or the like, look to brands like Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ingersoll and others. Industrial power tools come in all shapes and sizes and power capabilities, but a good example of a tool that you might make use of is the Makita 4101RH 5-inch wet cutting masonry saw. Cut through masonry, tile, concrete and other surfaces. Great for removal or fine repair work. Don’t waste time, energy and money in attempts and failures with archaic, obsolete tools.

Convenience of Industrial Strength Power Tools

If your work revolves around precision carpentry then you’ll appreciate all the ease and convenience of power tools as well. Even for the finest, most delicate finish work there are industrial power tools that will make work a breeze. A perfect example comes in the DeWALT DC616 16g cordless 18v straight finish nailer. Achieve the highest level of professional carpentry and avoid the inconvenience of having to wrestle with a clunky compressor or bothersome air hose.

The metal roofing contractor or installer will swear by the convenience that is added to their work with fine industrial power roofing tools. Take, as a prime example, the Milwaukee 0928-29 4-piece V28 combo tool kit. All your metal working needs come in one easy to use kit. The interchangeable, 28-volt lithium ion battery, the 1/2 inch hammer-drill with all-metal, single-sleeve, ratcheting chuck with all carbide jaws, the Sawzall reciprocating saw with 1-1/8 inch stroke, and the 6-1/2 inch Circular Saw give you everything you need in one easy to carry kit. Eliminate generator and compressor needs and work with uninterrupted ease on all your roofing projects.

These are just a few of the nearly limitless examples of how crucial industrial power tools are in making work easier, more precise and highly professional. Don’t settle for anything less if quality and convenience is your goal.